The Rocky Mountain Hound Club is more than just great AKC Dog Shows.
We also coordinate some fun Performance Events like Fast CATs and Lure Coursing.

All upcoming Rocky Mountain Hound Club Performance Events are listed on our Home Page, and are announced and updated on our public Facebook group.

What is a Fast CAT?

It’s a newer dog sport that is extremely popular with not only sighthounds (dogs which are bred to run/chase prey); but with all dogs (purebred dogs and yes, even mixed breed dogs).

Dogs are truly loving FastCATs!
Dog owners are loving FastCATs, too!

A Fast CAT is a timed race, a 100 yard dash, where a dog's speed is converted into MPH.
The dogs will run, one at a time, and chase a lure. Which is a plastic object that is meant to activate the prey drive of a dog (i.e. like chasing a bunny across a field).
Dogs can earn Fast CAT Titles with AKC!

Titles are awarded based on points that are calculated by multiplying a dog's MPH by its handicap, a derivative of its height at the withers.

Fast CATs Titles are:


(i.e. FCAT1, FCAT2, etc.)

In order to be eligible for a Fast CAT, dogs must be at least 1 year old and can be spayed or neutered. They need to have an AKC Registration Number, AKC CP Number, an AKC PAL Number, or an FSS Number.
They cannot be in season.


What is Lure Coursing?

It’s not just about showcasing the superb athletic running ability and terrific vision of sighthounds.
Lure coursing is an activity allowing sighthounds to "hunt" using their natural instincts, speed, and ability in a controlled atmosphere.
It provides an opportunity to demonstrate a sighthounds "purpose" of chasing prey with them chasing a mechanized, white or black plastic lure around a 600 to 800 yards track.

Lure Coursing events are only for AKC Purebred Sighthounds:
Afghan Hounds, Azwazahs, Basenjis, Borzois, Cirneco Dell’Etnas, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Woldhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Pharoah Hounds, Portuguese Podengos Pequenos, Rhodesian Ridgebacks Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds, Sloughis & Whippets), but also approved for Norrbottenspets, Portuguese Podengos Medio & Grande, Peruvian Inca Orchids and Thai Ridgebacks.

Lure Coursing Titles are

JC − Junior Courser
SC − Senior Courser
FC − Field Champion

QC − Qualified Courser
MC − Master Courser
DC − Dual Champion

Dogs must be at least 1 year old and can be spayed or neutered. They need to have and AKC Registration Number, a PAL or a ILP Number.
They cannot be in season. Monorchid and cryptorchid dogs are not eligible to participate.


For more information on Lure Coursing and Fast CAT, head over to AKC's Lure Coursing 101 page!

If you have a specific question about an upcoming Performance Event, or would like volunteer,
please contact our Performance Chair, Dan Heidel